Live brief shortlisted for client presentation

Brief: The Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre opened in 1987 on the site of the former Vicars' Woollen Mills and since that period, the local demographic has changed quite dramatically. As one of the AMP Capital Shopping Centres, it has had proposals to undergo redevelopment. During this process, we were approached to create a range of design collateral for a fresh rebrand of the name and shopping experience.


Branding Collateral:

  • Logo and branding style guide
  • Merchandise and stationery concepts 
  • Social media campaign proposal to be launched upon open
  • Interactive store directory signage
  • New website and mobile phone application user interface designs.
  • Wayfinder signage and floor level indicators


Design Considerations:

My rebrand included a new name (The Metro Exchange) and two new logo designs - one for ordinary business use and the second, a lively and playful turn to be used for the social community space.

  • Brand Message: "Come to the Exchange where people mingle as ideas grow, talent is shared, creatives flourish, plants are watered, organic foods nourish bodies, coffees are good and there is ample natural sunlight." 

  • The corporate colour system reflects a rich, dynamic, multi-dimensional brand.  Just as the external wall of the woollen mill has been preserved and heritage listed, I have similarly retained the original colours and adding an additional secondary palette. This way, it elevates the branding to “special” status. There is a breaking in of the new, interacting with the old. The accent of the second colour palette is a nod to the identity of diversity that is reinforced in every communication.

  • Consideration has been had to the diverse suburb Marrickville has become - a hub of new and independent arts with a vibrant artistic community, displays of multiculturalism of the inner west, international food and live music and entertainment. There are colourful annual events like the Marrickville Festival, a number of music venues like The Factory Theatre, which hosts an array of live music and performances - from international rock concerts to cabaret shows, film and dance. There are also a number of smaller, more intimate entertainment venues such as Lazybones Lounge, the Red Rattler and the Camelot Lounge.


The Metro Exchange Logo:

  • Logo experimentations with the rubber band which signifies a linking and a unity that cannot be broken - 'Unification', 'Community', 'Exchange', 'tied together'. In light of this identity - diversity coming together in unity, I have combined a second colour palette for use with the original colours.

  • I have used muted tones of grey and green for a more sophisticated and urban feel that isn’t overly solemn by mixing it with hues of orange and red, colours which symbolise passion and youthful warmth.

  • Along with the facelift, I have given the centre a new name. The idea of ‘exchange’ encompasses so many values that the new brand identity can contain. This is a new lively hub of information, membership, barter, trade, marketplace and gathering.


The Metro Exchange Garden

  • Vibrant new branding has also been created for the public community space: The Metro Exchange Garden. It will facilitate the culmination of cultures, talents, age, race and religion together. It is a mix of the old and new thus attracting a new younger demographic on top of the current visitor base.

  • The new Garden is equipped with an outdoor stage for the use of community. In particular, attracting students, performing arts, dance, theatre, short-film, fashion shows, live gigs and musicians.

  • It's a place where all ages can come and mingle. Two main areas are separated by the Glasshouse Cafe in the middle - a meeting point. Amazing coffee is a must, as well as an outdoor playground for the children, an outdoor stage for live gigs and performances, a giant chessboard for the older members. 

  • Fresh and peaceful blue, greens and brown are brought together tosymbolise water, nature and soil which together, results in growth and life. The logo off on its side adds a playful and lively character, almost like a butterfly fluttering by (also alludes to the social butterfly).


Interior signage: 

  • I've continued to bring nature indoors with wall decals and wayfinder designs. There is a transition from the indoor to outdoor interior garden experience as shopping culture moves toward a community gathering culture.



Social Media: 

  • On top of all the already existing social media, I proposed to launch a new membership system whereby visitors receive a VIP package upon signing up. VIP package includes:
    • 1 x VIP membership card
      1 x canvas bag
      1 x personalised corkplant succulent
      1 x eyedropper

  • Membership gives exclusive invitations to events and performances held at the Metro Exchange Garden.

  • "Come water your succulent each week, watch it grow." Instagram it. #howdoesyourcactusgrow #letitgrow #CactusExchange Be creative. 

  • In this way, members are encouraged to visit the Exchange regularly.




Disclaimer: All rights are reserved for the branding and designs involved in this brief.