Design Objectives:

Public transport inevitably brings along with it a perception of loud unruliness. I wanted to capture the less exposed side - a peaceful calm that can be experienced from travelling with Transport NSW on the various modes of travel it provides (Bus, Train, Ferries). Footage was taken from various angles to follow the day of a commuter, from morning to night. These were then comped into a short promotional clip.

Design features: 

  • Post-production completed in After Effects
  • Time lapse photography to capture the transition from daylight through dusk to night, using the GoPro Hero4
    • Time lapse is a technique where a series of frames are captured at a lower frequency than the playback, for example, one image every 10 seconds. These are then played back more frequently (e.g. 30 frames per second), thereby giving the impression of a quicker passage of time i.e. lapsing.
  • Own footage and videography

    Disclaimer: Designs undertaken in this brief are solely for personal and educational purposes and have no affiliation to Transport for NSW .