Reorder your loves

" well depended on the reordering of our loves...the constant soul reorientation of prayer." ▫

▫ 📖 : #Augustine #TimKeller #Prayer (p11)


Our cell group began to read Timothy Keller's book on prayer last week and this just really jumped out at me. It's taken some time to get to this point, but wow, these past 4 days sent me wrestling through this daily 'reordering'. My heart is quickly drawn to many affections, and it was imperative to realign daily, in prayer, as if a matter of life or death.


When Jesus is the centre of my world and my number one priority, all else falls orderly into place. I am content whatever the circumstance. When he's not, I seek other things to satisfy my soul - things that are ultimately dissatisfying. 👑

"God, You are God of my life. ...I raise You and lift You

Praise You and exalt You

You are God, the God of all my life.


Jesus, You are my prime satisfaction

You so satisfy my soul,

You are my priority

You are enough for me

There is nothing more I shall want.


I reorder the loves of my heart this morning and I seek Your anointing as I start the day

Let this be a practice ongoing, a habit and discipline that lasts for the rest of my life." - 22.01.2016 AM #Evernote #journal #lampandlight #bedeeplyrooted #socality #handlettering #typography

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