76 Days - How glorious their song

We stumbled in a little late on Sunday evening to St Paul's Anglican. Dan's family have been running the annual Shine Choral concert for the past 14 years. Sitting in the pews of this magnificent building, listening to the music and song - watery eyes and pulled heart strings. I imagined what it would be like in heaven, where the angels sing and praise God night and day.. How much more glorious their song. 

Afterwards, Dan shared with me he'd like for us to have our first dance to this song. That the words moved inside of him when he had sat there in the church. He asked, "What do you think?" I was so moved. God is so amazing, even in my failures..

I wasn't thinking of doing a dance, but now it looks like we might. Uh oh.

Earlier that day: We stopped by at our reception venue for our wedding planner meet and to choose options and centrepieces. So thankful that Dan decided to push for this venue despite my reservations re cost. Everything was taken care of and we had nothing more to really think about on this end.

In other news, the weekend collab at Petal Met Sugar went really well. I had so much fun and met new people. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was already time to close! The guy with the special flowers and message for his lady - the message he chose in the end was so sweet we all 'ahhd' for the surprise she would receive.  "I love you more every day". You who wrote, "love always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres" for your man - so special. The girl who came out all the way just to see us - I wish I'd had more time to just sit and chat. I would do it again, but differently, less craziness, more quality face to face. Friends and family came along, and I realised they were the biggest heroes. So grateful to have had so much help and love and support. 

I have much to be thankful for.